14 November 2012

Calvin Goes to the Vet

While we very much liked our old vet in St. Paul, Calvin really, really HATES the car, and Grand Ave is just too far to drive for annual check-ups and vaccinations, etc. So when I got home today, I set out Calvin's pet carrier and he joyfully walked right in.

He loves his carrier. He was purring LOUDLY while he was in there.

I let him have some fun going in and out of the carrier for a bit. I think he likes to "hide" and be stealthy while he's in there. Eventually, it was time to shut him in there and head on over to our new vet office, the Nokomis Pet Clinic.

This photo is from their website. It was MUCH darker this afternoon and the trees have way fewer leaves.

The very short car ride over there was super sad and pathetic. Calvin yowls like nobody's business when he's in the car. Interestingly, he only seems to have a problem when the car is actually in motion. I had to sit at a stoplight for a while and he was as peaceful and happy as can be.

At the vet, Calvin got his Rabies booster shot and we got to meet the new vet. Overall, I am very happy with them as well. Plus, they kept saying how soft Calvin's coat is and how sweet he was being. I like people who like my cat, clearly. The car ride home was equally pathetic and now Calvin is wandering the house as normal. The humans in the house went out to dinner at our favorite Mexican taqueria and then did some much needed grocery shopping.

Spaghetti Squash was acquired.

Here again is Calvin, surveying his domain after returning from the vet:



Gino said...

When did you get a cat?

Mom said...

The above comment made me laugh out loud. Really.
Nice post. I like the title and the story.

Emily Miller said...

Gino: http://amelie-mn.blogspot.com/2011/10/welcome-to-st-paul.html

But you knew that, and I LOLed as well.

Thanks, Mom!

Retired Professor said...

Calvin looks like he survived his traumatic experience.

Have fun with the spaghetti squash.