20 November 2012

CICB: YouTube Hits

I had band rehearsal this evening, as I do every Tuesday, so today's blog post is going to be abbreviated. And while I am at it, why not also highlight my band, the Calhoun Isles Community Band? We are in our 31st year as an organization and we have a concert coming up on December 18th. There will be Christmas music, for those of you that may be interested in that sort of thing. Here are two YouTube videos of pieces we played at a concert last year, among my favorite pieces we've ever done:

And the second video:

I took tomorrow off from work to help with Thanksgiving prep and also because I have some vacation time to burn. My (and Andy's) contribution to Turkey Day thus far:

2012-11-20 19.20.35

Calvin would prefer that we concentrate on food for him instead:

How is that comfortable?


Mom said...

I am listening as I write this. Beautiful. I am so glad you are still playing in a band!

Nellie @ Brooklyn Active Mama said...

Great music!! Enjoy your thanksgiving!

Santini said...

Lefse is not available here, sadly.