06 November 2012

Election Day 2012

I am sensing a trend with blog titles today. Then again, we only elect a president every four years so it's obviously a very bloggable event. Since we are in the New House, I obviously had to set out today to find our brand new polling place. I'd gotten my postcard in the mail confirming my registration, so I headed over there during my lunch break, assuming there would be less of a crowd at that time of day. The car I parked behind made me think I was probably in the right place:

Excellent selection of stickers.

So here it is, my polling place entrance. No line, as you can see. My plan paid off:

That small sign identifies this as a church. I didn't get a photo of the interior, but it was the most stereotypical of church basements. Very appropriate for election day.

At around 1 this afternoon, I was the 1,365th person to cast my vote. Andy went this morning before work and was number 73 just after 7am. That's a pretty good turnout, I'd say. So I have successfully exercised my franchise and even have this neat red sticker to prove it:

The sticker is obviously one of the best parts.

I stopped by the house since I get an hour lunch break and voting took virtually no time at all. Calvin sat on my lap and purred like crazy the whole time I was home. Definitely an excellent election day bonus:


Mom said...

Ah, what a great voting experience. Yay!!
PS Calvin looks very cute and cuddly.

Retired Professor said...

I'm having trouble keeping up with the blogging!

Calvin is just not a kitten anymore, is he? Still cute, though

Emily Miller said...

R. Prof: Me too! And as Andy and I like to say, Calvin is turning into a big, grown-up cat. He weights 11 pounds!

Santini said...

I love how shiny his fur is. He doesn't look fat, but he does look well fed.

Emily Miller said...

Not only is it shiny, it is also SUPER soft, probably because we spoil him with a can of wet food daily, in addition to some kibble.

Daughter of Norway said...

I had a hearty laugh at "sterotypical church basements" for some reason. I love your wording.

I'm not proud of it but I didn't go the extra mile to vote this year, as it would have been a long process that may not have been fruitiful. I'm glad Obama won and not that other guy, and the Tanzanians around me are ecstatic!