09 November 2012

Les Gusties Francais

I just returned home from a lovely dinner party with the "french" Gusties, as we sometimes like to call ourselves. It's my group of fellow French majors from Gustavus, at least those of us that find ourselves still in the Minneapolis area. Our good friend Anne (of Money) was our French language teaching assistant our senior year. She subsequently moved back to her home in France, then to Madison, WI to get her doctorate. That is where she met her husband, Jim. They moved to Minneapolis of all places back in July, after not having seen most of us since Gustavus. I think I might be the exception; Here's a picture of Andy and I at her wedding in 2009:

Anne's Wedding - 03

She is no longer officially Anne of Money, but I don't think the nickname will ever go away. She and Jim bought a house that is only 3 light rail stops away from the New House, which I think officially makes them our neighbors. It's nice to have another friendly face nearby, and it was good to see all my Gustie friends. Now I think a bit of quality cat time is called for - I've barely seen Calvin all day! I think he'll be sitting on my lap very shortly.



Mom said...

Ahh. I love the picture of you all at Anne of Money's wedding. It's serendipitous that she is now your neighbor!

Daughter of Norway said...

I love that you are still having your French dinners. The French people I met in Norway made me want to move there a little bit, with their cooking and their fun parties.

Calvin looks like I do when I try to watch the news lately...falling alseep but could also be glaring.

Santini said...

d'Argent? I could have looked it up, I suppose.

Sounds like you had fun.