17 November 2012

Lunch Date

First things first, I need to answer some questions posted in the comments to yesterday's blog post.

1) Mom - That is in fact the famous Brooklyn Bridge and I think it appears in pretty much every single movie set in New York City. It connects Manhattan to Brooklyn.
2) Jim - The pictured stadium is the former Tiger Stadium which of course no longer exists. Andy lived in Michigan until the age of 8 and most years, the Tigers are his team over the Twins.

And now, on to our regularly scheduled programming...

About a month ago on Facebook, my good friend Desi (whom I've known since middle school) and my mom started talking about how long it's been since the three of us have all gone out to lunch. Mostly, it's because we are all super busy and our schedules never line up. Today however was the day that we picked (back in mid-October) for our lunch date. We met at Stout's Pub, a neighborhood favorite of my mom's:


It used to be an Italian restaurant, of all things. It has some interesting decorating choices, which I find charming in their cheesiness:


And here are my lunch companions:


It was really nice to catch up on recent developments and reminisce about old times. My mom had tracked down a photo-pin of Desi and I, taken during our High School graduation overnight party. We haven't changed a bit, I'm sure.

Tonight, Andy and I are off to see Lincoln. Review to come tomorrow. And now, today's photo of the cat.

He's trying, somewhat successfully, to distract us from our TV watching.


Mom said...

I really enjoyed lunch with you and Desi. We should make this a tradition (which means doing it again next year). You two look more beautiful now than in the high school photo.
And Calvin, ahh . . .

Santini said...


Emily Miller said...

Or Buffalo!, as you prefer.

Santini said...

I prefer bison. Buffalo is in New York. :-)