07 November 2012

MN Timberwolves

Andy and I are headed to a MN Timberwolves game this evening (GO WOLVES!), courtesy of his parents' season tickets, so I don't have a lot of time for blogging. I will say that getting downtown for games or whatever else is now SO MUCH easier since the Light Rail is only a block or two away from the New House. We love the train. Plus I stayed up way, way too late watching election results so I am a bit sleep deprived and finding some inspiration is a challenge.

In lieu of meaningful written blog content, I present instead a few of my favorite photos (that I've taken) over the years.

Dune du Pyla - Jumping
My good friend Katherine, jumping off the Dune du Pyla near Bordeaux, France.

Musee Rodin 1 
"The Thinker" at the Rodin Museum, Paris

90 Year Balloons 
My grandpa Bud, celebrating his 90th birthday.

Domo Sunset 
A sunset on Lake Michigan, guest starring Domo Kun.

And finally, a photo round-up would not be complete without a picture of Calvin:

From when he was just a tiny, sleepy kitten. I think this was Day 2.


Santini said...

Domo Kun!

Jimi said...

Nice set of photos. I like especially the jumping girl and the thinking man.

Gino said...

Jumping Katherine and Le Penseur.

Mom said...

Jumping Katherine and Bud in the 90.