11 November 2012

New House: Part 3

This is still not the new front door post, but I promise that will be the next one.

In the midst of Day 2 of painting, the furniture we ordered from Ikea arrived. The poor delivery truck drivers - it was a very hot day and that stuff was HEAVY. I then put my finely tuned Ikea assembly skills to work. Here are some in-progress photos:



It ended up being the Kivik Loveseat, for those of you that are interested in complete details. I also took a trip to Target and fell in love with these throw pillows:

They would become my decoration centerpieces for the living room

Here is the furniture in its' finished form. Obviously the room is not complete, but it was definitely a really good start.

In the meantime, Calvin was still in St. Paul, hiding in the bookcase and wondering why we had taken the table apart:



Santini said...

Calvin looks a little spooked by the whole process.

Gino said...

Nice continuing exposition.

But, archival?

Mom said...

Calvin does look a little spooked (and a bit smaller).
Nothing wrong with archival photos (I think we've seen some of that in November before!).

Emily Miller said...

Santini & Mom - Calvin was definitely spooked! At that point, we'd been packing gradually for a few weeks and he didn't understand where everything he was used to had gone. And what was the deal with all the boxes?

Dad - Definitely archival. :-)