25 November 2012

New House: Part 5 (The Super Train)

When Andy and I first started talking about buying a house we determined that wherever we ended up, it would need to be close to either a main bus line or the light rail line (or Super Train, as Andy likes to call it). I am the only car owner between the two of us, so Andy needs good transit access to get to work near the Capitol building in St. Paul. When we learned that Jill and Andrej were looking to sell their house, we knew it was perfect from a transit perspective (not to mention for many other reasons). Our New House is only two-ish blocks from this:

The VA Medical Center Station on the Hiawatha Line (soon to be the Blue Line)

Today we took the train here:
Warehouse District Station, Downtown Minneapolis

The gym we are members of has a location only two blocks from this stop, which used to be the end of the line. They extended it one more stop when Target Field opened a few years ago. It is indispensable for getting to Twins games and all sorts of other sporting events. And really, to getting all sorts of other places. Here's a map:


We also use it all the time to go to Mall of America for shopping or movies... and occasionally, to go on some rides. They are building a second line (the Central Corridor or Green Line) that will connect the two downtowns, branching off at the Metrodome Station and then terminating at the newly renovated Union Depot in St. Paul. It is set to open approximately 18 months from now. We're a little excited. The Green Line will have a stop just in front of Andy's office, so his commute will be a breeze.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have turkey stock simmering on my stove that I need to check on. I leave you with another cute Calvin photo:

Nap time.


Mrs Smith said...

Wow. We are soon to be compared to Paris or London: Metro Transit! You and Andy (and Calvin, of course) are very cool.

Santini said...

I'm stumped for a comment here. The only thing I could come up with was maybe Andy could buy your Grandpa's car. Which is just silly, but it's all I've got.

Emily Miller said...

Santini - No worries, comments are not required on every single post. Particularly during an entire month of blogging!

And silly is a good thing. :-)

Santini said...

I blog for comments, so assume others do too. (I even have the t-shirt.)