29 November 2012

New House: Part 6B

Subtitle: The Finished Product, Part 2.

Continuing on, as promised. Not pictured: The basement utility/storage room and the attic that has been converted into a large bedroom + storage. It's still a disaster up there... We'll get to it eventually.

The Kitchen

IMG_3009Basement TV Room


Laundry Room, Basement (I LOVE having my own washer/dryer. Laundry is no longer annoying!)


Basement Bedroom aka Calvin's Room


Backyard, in sunnier, warmer times.

Calvin approves of this whole new house deal - there are stairs and all sorts of exciting windows! He's also allowed in our bedroom in the new house, which means he can keep warm under the covers while I am getting ready in the mornings. Little stinker:

Out of focus, I know... still, cute!


Mom said...

Nice series of NewHouse photos. I am so glad you are all (including Calvin) happy there.

Santini said...

It's been fun to get to see your New House this month. It's lovely, and I hope you have many happy years there!