03 November 2012

Pannekoeken Huis

Ever since we moved into the New House, it has been readily apparent that we'd need to do something about the lack of front/coat closet situation. Apparently when this house was built in 1942, they didn't need a coat closet right by the front door? Who knows. In any case, today we took some steps towards remedying that situation with a stop at Woody's Furniture. We ordered a very nice bench with cubbies and corresponding cubbies with hooks to hang on the wall. They are going to be solid maple, and we're going to paint them upon arrival, which will be about 4-6 weeks from now. In this particular case, Ikea just wasn't going to cut it.

Now, I know that Woody's is not the family unpainted furniture store of choice. We have always been more of a Buck's family, as Gzmoohoo can attest. But there were other reasons to head on over to St. Louis Park this morning, namely the Pannekoeken Huis. I am not Dutch, nor do I live in a place where there are lots of people of Dutch descent, so I am not totally sure on the translation but it looks an awfully lot like Pancake House to me. Here was my totally delicious breakfast of the "Traditional Apple" Pannekoeken:

For my own good, I should probably only eat this maybe once every 6 months or so. But boy was it wonderful. Apples and cinnamon and just... yum! Andy was much more sensible and had an omelette and some "dutch" breakfast potatoes. No photos, sorry.

Since we were over on that rarely-visited side of town, we made a stop at Andy's favorite beer store, The Four Firkins. They have every kind of beer you could ever possibly want to buy, I think. Andy would have spent much, much more time there if I'd let him. We ended up with the following:

You can also build your own six pack from their selection of bottled beer - the shelves take up one entire side of the store. We may have to try that next time. Right now, I think we're set for quite some time. 

We came home to a very (very) light lunch and some yard work. Andy even climbed up on the roof to get some leaves down, although we do understand that this is perhaps not the best idea in the world. Why did no one tell me about the less-than-fun yard work part of home ownership? I would be totally happy to never rake again. Calvin spent most of that time doing one of his favorite things - surveying the front yard from his favorite spot on the couch:



Santini said...

I'm not Dutch either, but I'm also going with Pancake House on this one. It looks delicious. As an aside, tonight at Russ' for supper, and strictly as a vegetable choice, I had a piece of pumpkin pie with my sandwich.

Good furniture choices.

I thought we were going to get the front door story there for a minute, then you veered off into furniture. Way to build the suspense.

Gino said...

Looks like a nice new front closet sort of deal.

Jimi said...

I must protest the planned painting of maple. Isn't there a way to apply stain and varnish and save the grain? Just asking.

Calvin sure looks serene and definitely in the driver's seat. Am I wrong?

Daughter of Norway said...

It is indeed "Pancake House". I told a Dutch person I met here that we have this restaurant, and they expressed mild amusement in a typical Northern European fashion.

Oh, I miss the microbrews in Minnesota. The three types they have here in Tanzania are ok, but I will be happy to rejoin the land of flavor again!

Calvin is adorable and I can't wait to meet him.

Mom said...

Impressive pancake, impressive beer, cute cat and great idea for the living room!!