21 November 2012

Turkey Day Eve

I have heard from various sources that today, the day before Thanksgiving, is the busiest day for bars all year. Bigger even than, say, New Year's Eve. Do people dread seeing their families that much, or is it that all their old friends are back in town? Regardless, I don't think I will be taking part. We've got very important basketball to watch here. Plus, I've already put on my comfy pants and it's been a pretty busy day, considering that I did not have to go to work.

After sleeping in a bit (but only a bit - the cat won't let me sleep in too late), and hanging out with the cat...


... I got in my pre-Thanksgiving workout and then headed on over to my parents' house to help Mrs. Smith with some Tgiving prep. We started with a yummy lunch, then proceeded to make the always traditional cranberry bread (with 11 ingredients as usual). It goes from this:


To this in not very much time at all:


While at the gym, I noticed once again that my workout shoes are getting pretty worn out - they look just fine from the outside but I can feel that the internal support is breaking down. Mom and I like any excuse to go shopping for shoes, so off to my former employer we went. They were having a buy one, get one half off sale so I may have splurged.

Hondaramic, no?

I almost got some in bright orange, but these fit better. Also...

They were half price, I couldn't resist.


Jimi said...

Yay. Cranberry bread.

Santini said...


Nice looking cranberry bread...

Nikki would love those boots.

Mom Smith said...

I just tried another piece of the cranbery bread to make sure it was good enough to serve. It was! Those boots looked so great with your jeans. I had fun baking and shopping.

Santini said...

If you ever run out of wheat germ while making cranberry bread, ground flaxseed makes an excellent substitute. Thanks goes to Google for giving me a substitute for wheat germ. Happy Thanksgiving!