19 November 2012

Underground Parking

Back before the company I work for went bankrupt, was sold/restructured, and moved our offices to the suburbs, we worked in one of the most famous buildings in downtown Minneapolis. Said building...

(seen here on a dark and stormy night, reflecting Spook Central across the street)

... had an underground parking ramp in which all company employees could park for free. Until I started taking the bus to work, free downtown parking was one of my favorite things about working there, plus it meant my car never, ever got cold nor did I have to walk to my car in the dark. It was an unbelievably nice perk. However, we moved to the suburbs, so not only can I no longer take the bus to my office, but I now also have to park outside. With occasional less than ideal results. Poor Chad. :-(

Here's the thing though - our new building does have underground parking available, just in very limited quantities relative to the amount of office space/employees in the building. My company finally decided to spring for a few parking spots down there and they rotate among the employees on a 3 week cycle. This is my week:

Everyone, please meet Desmond, Chad's younger, cooler sibling.

Today's weather did not make indoor parking a necessity but it was still pretty nice when I was walking out to my car in the dark. Which apparently now happens at 4:30pm? We're definitely domed. On the other hand, it almost got up to 60 today, in November, so dome is still a little ways off, I think.

Calvin seems unfazed:


Retired Professor said...

I remember the days of going to work in the dark and driving home in the dark. Old age has its silver lining. I get to see the sun.

What's that thing next to Calvin?

Emily Miller said...

It's his water fountain.

... We may be a little overly silly about our cat.

mom said...

That is a GREAT picture of the IDS Center! And I forgot about the saga of Chad's (overpriced) door handle. Entertaining post.

Mom said...


Emily Miller said...

Mom - Did I not tell you that we had named the new car Desmond? Hmm, maybe not.

That photo of the IDS is probably one of my favorite photos I've taken of all time. And it was with my cell phone!