16 November 2012

Wall Art

The decorating at the New House will always be a work in progress, I think, but we are starting to get some decent stuff on the walls. Some of it we had before, some of it is stuff we've acquired together since moving here. I took some not-so-high quality photos for your enjoyment:

Dining room area.

By the doorway into the kitchen. 

Hibou! In the living room.


Basement/TV room

Basement TV room.

Final location TBD for most of this stuff. Abe is there to stay, I think.

We don't really have a central theme but I think it's more important that we like the stuff hanging on our walls than that it all match each other. We have two items that are not yet hanging up but we've got spots in mind. Oh also, on top of the bookshelf, Domo Kun is surveying everything:

Calvin jumped up there recently and knocked everything down, the stinker. Good think he's cute, right?

Cat in a bag!


Retired Professor said...

Creative blogging.

I agree with your theory that if you hang the stuff you like, it will all hang together.

I'm not done hanging pictures yet either. It will all find a home eventually.

Mom said...

Is the one in the bedroom Manhattan? It reminds me of the Woodie Allen movie. Fun post.

Jimi said...

Is that baseball stadium Target Field? I can't read the inscription.