23 November 2012

What's for Dinner?

For lunch today, of course we had Thanksgiving leftovers, after a trip to the gym in downtown Minneapolis to work off some of yesterday's food. We were not the only people who had that idea. We also did a bit of browsing of the Black Friday sales at Macy's and elsewhere. Nothing too super tempting.

Dinner was another story - two meals of leftovers just weren't appealing. So we started cooking - can you guess what we had based on the following photo slide show?






It was super delicious and a nice break from Turkey. I think we'll be making Turkey & Dumpling soup on Sunday with the carcass that Gzmoohoo sent home with us. I am looking forward to it already.

Calvin observed the cooking progress from the usually forbidden table:



Santini said...

I agree that two leftover meals in one day is too much. Your quiche slide show was fun. I wasn't sure until I got to the photo of quiche pan with the crust. Creative.

Calvin is a handsome tom.

Gino said...

OK, I see.

Mini-tart pans.

Good idea.

Mom said...

Well, what the heck are the two mystery ingredients? (The things with the onions and the silly looking things in the second photo).
I had leftovers but in two different configurations so it was ok.
I love homemade chicken and dumpling soup. You two eat very well!

Santini said...

JB had a cold while TT and PW were here this fall, and PW made chicken and dumplings for him. He was cured!