23 December 2012

Christmas Eve Eve

GZMoohoo posted elsewhere today that I was over at his house, doing some Christmas baking and helping with the decorating. First, the baking. I am in charge of both the traditional cheese ball and, for the first time this year, dessert for the massive Elvecrog family get-together.

Here they are, in the order mentioned above:

Cheese Ball - cream cheese, herb/garlic goat cheese, cheddar, tabasco, and pecans.

Peppermint Shortbread Bars, from The Kitchn

Foolproof Fudge

And of course, Cranberry Bread as always.

We were really very productive and efficient - all of the above plus grocery shopping was finished by 3:30pm or so. That left plenty of time for some decorating. First, the extraordinarily all-inclusive Nativity Scene.

And then some of the old stand-bys for the Christmas Tree (or Christmas Bush, all grown up):


Our favorite bicycling related ornament. There are many.

Hand crafted in the Old World European style. In Romania.

Merry Christmas to All!


Mom said...

I love this post!! It was a wonderful day in every way and we loved having you help us get into the Christmas spirit. Great pictures and I very much look forward to tasting the various goodies you made.

Retired Professor said...

It's good to see the younger generation pick up some of the holiday cooking tasks. One of the perks is that since you're doing the work, you get to choose the treats that sound good to you. Tasty looking choices.