18 November 2013


Ah, Mondays. Blogging is so hard on Mondays...

Today at the fancy new job, I was assigned yet another new account. To recap: my 1st big account was/is Australia. Their main warehouse is literally around the corner from my former boat customers in Melbourne. Like, maaaaybe a 5 minute drive. My 2nd big account is apparently going to be our European distribution center in Belgium that serves the Benelux. I am waiting patiently to find out that it's around the corner from... something. Maybe not boats, but clearly some long-lost friend or family member is going to live nearby. Anyone have any connections to Oevel, Belgium? Let me know!

I drove by the Ford plant again today - I was tempted to stop and take photos, but I have quite a few already and my phone is... at less than 100%, let's say. It is my primary photo-taking device after all. Instead, on my way home, I stopped at the pet store and got some toys for these two wieners:


They don't deserve toys, right? But they did need the cat litter that I also picked up.

I heard from somewhere that my cousin TJ is celebrating his birthday today. 15. Wow. How the years have flown by. And I don't even live in the same state as him - I am sure it is even harder to believe for the people who see him every day. Granted his sister, whose birthday never falls during an entire month of blogging (sorry, Nikki) is also way too grown up to believe. She's got her own dorm room, for goodness sake. Anyway, I hope that TJ had a nice birthday. He will always be this kid to me:

This post is extraordinarily scattered. But that's what happens on Mondays. Only one more Monday to go!


Santini said...

Kowawumba, that's cute.

It seems like yesterday.

Mom said...

Cats are weird.

Santini said...

Bogging is always hard. Or as it says on GZ's blog, "art is hard work."