13 November 2013

Answers, Part One

In the comments to yesterday's post, Santini requested the following:

"How about #7, 16 and 21? Or be creative and answer the Prime Numbered questions."

I'm sorry, but I am not feeling that motivated or creative, so I'll just go with the three you numbered specifically.

  • Question 7: you're the sole witness to a mafia murder. witness protection has to set you up with a whole new life in a totally new country. you have to leave everything behind, but you can pick where you move to. where do you go?

This is one of my favorites on the whole list, actually. Not that I particularly want to witness a murder, but the thought of being set-up in a new life in a new place has always been sort of intriguing for some reason. Maybe I watched some movie with this scenario as a kid? Or perhaps too many viewings of the original "The Parent Trap?" Something like that. Anyway, it is tempting to pick France here, because... well, I love France. You'd know that if you've been paying attention at all. But I think, after a while there, it would be too foreign to truly feel like home, even if I do speak the language. So I guess my choice is New Zealand, somewhere on the South Island. The language is at least the same and, after doing business with people from there for many years, and hearing stories from friends who have traveled there, it sort of seems like a little slice of paradise

  • Question 16: you and the love of your life are having a baby, and you get to choose the name! there's only one catch: your partner insists that it be the name of a place, real or fictional. what do you name your baby?

Before my mom and/or the rest of my family freaks out - there are currently no baby-related plans, ok? Ok. Just wanted to clear that up.

I would really like to say Paris on this one, because see above, but stupid Paris Hilton ruined that name for everyone. Do I have to pick a girl name and a boy name just in case? I googled "first names that are places" and it brought me to this list. I like that list, so from there... Charlotte for a girl, because it's actually a nice name, and Montgomery for a boy, because who doesn't like a Simpsons reference? Not that I am naming any of my as-yet entirely hypothetical children either of those things. But if forced, those are the best options.

  • Question 21: without looking them up, can you explain the rules of football? how about quidditch? what do you think that says about you?

How detailed do my rule explanations need to be, exactly? I can explain very basic football rules without looking them up, but the details escape me. Quidditch on the other hand - absolutely no problem. I love Harry Potter and have read the series through probably four times in English and at least twice in French. I am a huge nerd. 

That was fun! Tomorrow, more answers. Feel free to add additional comments to yesterday's post if you want more answers. Or, play along on your blog!

And now, today's picture of a cat. This is usually what happens as soon as I sit down upon arriving home from work:
He's an excellent lap warmer. :-)


Santini said...

There's a character on Grey's Anatomy named Arizona. I sort of like it. Then there's OSLO, but that's already taken.

New Zealand was a surprise answer, but a good one. And the only time I spent much time on the South Island, I'd have to say I only understood about half of what they said. Dunedin. Heavy Scottish accent with a Kiwi flavor.

Mom said...

Fun!! And what a sweet Calvin picture.