09 November 2013

Chez Brad and Lily

My future brother-in-law Brad and his fiancee Lily (featured on GZ's blog here) just recently purchased their first home in Northeast Minneapolis. I was there the weekend they closed, helping to paint etc, but I hadn't seen it since they added things like furniture and rugs. Those are sort of key. Andy and I headed over there last night to see how it turned out. Lily is hosting a bridal shower for a dear friend of hers today, so I ended up volunteering to help her with prep for that party.

These stupid decorative sphere things were deceptively difficult to set up. The directions were in both languages that I speak and yet we struggled:

Brad ended up figuring it out in the end, so we made him do the 3rd one on his own.

There were also goodie bags to prepare and banners to hang:



In all my enthusiasm to take pictures of the bridal shower prep for today's blog, I apparently neglected to actually take any photos of how the house turned out! Oops! Rest assured that it is lovely. Plus, their two dogs seem pretty thrilled with all the new space to run around in:

Rubio aka "Rubs" enjoying a quiet moment on my lap.

Mimi aka "Moo-Bear" in a brief moment of stillness. She is FAST.

They sure are cute little dogs. Just not quite as cute as our little cats.



Santini said...

It looks like a fun party, and a nice space. And cute dogs.

Jimi said...

I was afraid that there wouldn't be any cats on your blog, but I shouldn't have been.

BDE said...

I love that you included the State Fair picture of Lily and Brad, both most excellent people and always fun to hang out with. I would like to see pictures of their home some day!

Both the dogs and the cats are cute but it is unfair to compare since it would be like comparing apples and oranges, as they say.

Gino said...

No dogs on the table.