05 November 2013

Election Day 2013

First, just to get this out of the way:

I Voted

I took this photo with the webcam on my computer about 2 minutes ago. Not bad, right? And a new adventure in blogging!

Today is election day across this great nation of ours and, if I am not mistaken, a fairly mundane election in most places. However, here in Minneapolis, this election is kind of a big deal. For the first time in 20 years, citizens of Minneapolis (me included) are casting their votes for Mayor without an incumbent on the ballot. Toss in the fact that 30+ people are on the ballot (including someone who has legally changed his name to Captain Jack Sparrow. No, really.) and that we're using Ranked Choice Voting and it gets pretty exciting! Also up for grabs - every single seat on the city council. That's a lot of change for a major city anywhere, much less the one I live in. So Andy and I dutifully headed over to our polling place this evening and cast our votes. We'll see what tomorrow brings.

Post-voting, we tried to head to our favorite neighborhood Italian restaurant. Sadly, it seems like the entire neighborhood had that same idea and the wait list was ridiculous. Instead, we ended up at Town Hall Lanes. Town Hall was once the entirely decrepit Skylanes Bowling, a favorite of ours for it's authenticity and cheap beer/bowling. But the long time owner (who had been looking to sell for quite some time) was bought out by these guys and they gutted the place and started over from scratch. They've classed the place up quite considerably:



The lanes themselves also seem much improved, although it was league night so we didn't get to check them out ourselves. We didn't have our shoes with us anyway. I will say that the beer selection has gotten much better, although it is unfortunately no longer super cheap. I'll take it.

We are now home, hiding inside from the FIRST SNOWFALL of the year. The flakes started coming down as we were driving home. BOO. And now, today's picture of the cats, actually taken yesterday. They want to participate in the blogging too:

Yes, Dad, I know - the cats shouldn't be on the table.


Gino said...

No cats on the table.

Santini said...

Photos with webcams. WWTHON. (What won't they think of next.)

Some bowling alleys have pretty good food. I had my first hamburger (that I remember) in a bowling alley in Webster, Wisconsin. I was about 5, and there with my Mom and Dad. I remember it had a crunchy bun and dill pickle slices.

Unbiased Mom said...

I love both the first and the last photo. You look so happy and beautiful