26 November 2013

If it's Tuesday, I must have The Band.

That's how that goes, right? The lateness of today's blog post is due entirely to the fact that, as mentioned earlier, on Tuesdays I leave for work at 7:10am and don't return until after band rehearsal, which runs from 7-9pm in the Uptown neighborhood of Minneapolis. So here I am, blogging relatively late at night but still well under the wire.

I have been a member of the Calhoun Isles Community band for going on 5 years now (I think) and I do not regret for one minute my somewhat impulsive decision to join back then. I love my flute, and I love the music I can make with that group. We had a particularly successful series of concerts over the summer, as we always do, this time with a Minnesota State Fair theme of sorts, with a little bit of randomness thrown in. Did you know there is a Minnesota State Fair March composed by one John Philip Sousa? Sure enough, it was the opening piece for our concert series over the summer. However, my favorite piece of all was "Variations on Scarborough Fair, played here by something called the Rochester New Horizons Symphonic Band:

On my birthday, we played a concert at the Como Lake Pavilion (pictured often on Jimi's and Gzmoohoo's blogs) and I got to play that gorgeous flute solo. It was amazing. I got a standing ovation of sorts. :-) We have a Christmas/Holiday concert coming up in a few weeks (Dec 17, to be exact) entitled "From Russia, with Love: A Classical Christmas." Think the Nutcracker and that sort of thing. It's going to be wonderful.

We don't take videos of our concerts anymore, although we may in the future, but please do check out our YouTube page for some of our greatest hits. I am even in most of those videos!

And now a photo of little tiny Calvin:
Calvin, Day 1. Andy's best birthday ever.


Mrs Smith said...

Oh, I remember baby Calvin. He was SO cute and so was Andy when he held Calvin. What a joy, holding a soft, sweet kitten that purrs.

Mom said...

PS We will be at the holiday concert--looking forward to it. I am so proud of you still playing the flute.

Gino said...

I loved the flute solo.