21 November 2013

Important Question for the Blogosphere

Which of these cases do you think I should put on the new phone?

Phone Cases
I am leaning towards the bright green on the upper left but am willing to take suggestions.

In other news, as Monsieur Gzmoohoo reported, we got some accumulating snow today. This was my car when I went out to the parking garage at the fancy new job.

I did not miss using my ice scraper, as it turns out. :-(

I have not yet worked there long enough to get my very own reserved parking spot in the covered section of the parking garage. Only 24 years and 10.5 months to go. There are LOTS of people with reserved spots. But fortunately, it was only a small amount of snow so no big deal. The roads weren't even that slippery.

After my Thursday gym trip, as per usual, (fancy new job provides me with a discount on my health insurance if I go 12 times a month), and a brief stop at the local liquor store, I arrived home to my beloved EMSA and some very chill cats.

Calvin looking imperious on the couch.

Lucy, enjoying the heat coming out of "her" vent.


Santini said...

I'll run the question past the art major. I predict she'll say purple, but I could be wrong.

It sounds like you're having some fun with the fancy new job. Or at least having fun calling it the fancy new job.

Gino said...

It looks to me like you might need a big but stupid but good natured dog.

Something big enough to be a presence that those cats would have to respect but stupid enough to be easily manipulated by them.

You know, just a normal sort of dog.

What I am suggesting is equilibrium. A big stupid dog sleeping in front of that vent would keep Lucy from thinking she owns it. Furthermore Calvin would be quite a large bit less imperious with a 60 pound dog in the room.

Mom said...

I totally disagree with the above comment but only because I do not like stupid dogs AT ALL.

I vote for the three cases that are not green or pink. I would choose the one that matches the biggest nunber of my outfits.

Imperious is a good word for cats in general.

Emily Miller said...

Santini - The fancy new job is a pretty good deal so far. Plus, calling it fancy is quite fun. :)

Mom - Agreed. No dogs.