07 November 2013

Lucy the Cat

As I am sure you have noticed by now, the number of cats in our household has doubled since last years' NaBloPoMo. Even this time last year, we had been thinking of getting Calvin a companion. All sorts of cat literature (ugh, I really just said that...) suggests that if you are going to be away from the house a lot (as most people are who have 40hr/week jobs), you shouldn't have a solitary cat. Plus, he'd been getting super whiney and mopey. So, Andy and I kept our eyes peeled for a potential addition to the menagerie. This is the Facebook post/photo that sealed the deal:

I mean, come on! Who can resist that adorable, inquisitive face? And the one white whisker! That photo was posted on February 6th and on February 7th, Bea (renamed Lucy by her new humans) was checking out the bathroom in her new home:

You are supposed to keep the new cat isolated from the house and the existing cat for at least a week, so that they can get used to each others' smells before actually seeing each other face-to-face. As a result, Andy and I would also spend a lot of time in the bathroom with our new cat, reading a book or something so that she wouldn't feel abandoned in there. It was pretty adorable. She is an excellent lap cat/purr-er.


Calvin spent most of that week doing this in front of the bathroom door:

"What's in there, you guys? It's smells different than usual around here!"

After about a week of isolation, we let Calvin into the bathroom and let Lucy out into the house to explore, separately. Eventually, they both had free reign of the house and it continues to this day. They are decidely not the best of friends, but most of their spats are play fights, and they certainly seem to enjoy chasing each other around the house. Lucy definitely has what is referred to as "Tortitude." We have no regrets. Plus, Andy and I each get our very own lap cat.

That's a good thing to have in the winter time. :-)


Santini said...

Ah. I knew it was coming. An entire post on cats. Yours are both quite attractive cats. I've "owned" a few cats in my adult life. One of them was black (Panther), and another one was a tortoise shell. (Pixel). (Though does anyone really own a cat?)

Jimi said...

I think your theme is holding up pretty well. Just 23 more days to go.

Mom said...

Cute cats!