01 November 2013

NaBloPoMo 2013

Wow, this blog has gotten quite dusty! So much for last year's November goal of blogging more often. But as my uncle Jim mentioned elsewhere, we've been blogging every single day in November for a very long time. It seems a shame to let that tradition fall by the wayside. However, I was caught a bit unprepared and don't have a lot of blogging inspiration today. So, in pictures and/or links, here are a few big developments in my life since the last time I posted:



So that's about it. Before I left my old job, they were about to premiere a new boat brand. I may have mentioned some of the details to Nancy and the Michigan contingent while I was there in August. Tomorrow... video.

Happy November, all!


Jimi said...

Yay. Welcome to the blog everyday in November gang. I think it'll be fun.

Does this mean you have two cats?

Very nice ring.

Santini said...

Nice to see/hear from you. I look forward to reading the daily posts. It's always fun, and it is a long standing tradition.

mom said...

I am SO excited as a reader/follower and a commenter!