20 November 2013

New Phone!

Monsieur GZMoohoo offered a bit of a preview over on his blog, but here is the main event:

New Phone!
Ta-da! NEW PHONE! 

As you can tell by the excellent reflection of our ceiling fan, the screen is entirely unblemished. And I decided to go with the gray case, for now. I do have quite a few colors to choose from. I could match my outfit on any given day.

Anyway, it was slightly more complicated than anticipated. When I filled out the online insurance claim on Saturday, they had me click through a series of screens saying, essentially, "Please confirm this is the phone you have . And now, please confirm that this is the phone we will be sending you ." I did not pay as much attention to that as I perhaps should have, so they sent me the phone I had previous to the broken phone as that is what AT&T still had in their system as my designated device. Oops.

Fortunately, it is still quite a nice phone - 4G, newest version of Android, etc. Unfortunately, the SIM card in the broken phone is smaller than the SIM card in the NewPhone, so I had to go over to the actual AT&T store (in which the layout has changed since I was there on Saturday...) to get a new SIM card. The guy was very helpful and got a new SIM card set up right away. He also suggested that perhaps I should put my phone in a case from now on. Hmm, you think?

Also at Chez Gzmoohoo, we had some delicious pot roast and a really lovely chat. It's always strange to go over to what decidedly USED to be my house, but I know that I am always, always welcome. In any case, it is definitely pot roast weather.

Pot Roast
See? Carrots, potatoes, onions and some beef, slow cooked all day. YUM!!

I got home to find the cats in a playful mood. Here is an attempted photo of Calvin. He's a bit blurry with speed:

Blurry Calvin

He's much cuter in this one:

Calvin on Shelf


Mom said...

Yes, you are indeed ALWAYS welcome! Calvin looks kind of imperious up on the cat shelf.

Santini said...

Yum, the pot roast looks tasty.

I'm glad the phone story had a happy ending.

It's an odd transition, if memory serves. From both sides of it. The adult child in the parents home. Always interesting.