28 November 2013

Pop Star Comparisons

The Thanksgiving wrap-up post will come tomorrow, when I have more time to sift through photos etc. Today, I want to post these two songs without much in the way of comment. Let me know what you think:

Sara Bareilles, "Brave" - released in May of this year:

Katy Perry, "Roar" - released in September of this year:

One of the local radio DJs was appalled. Guess which woman is the bigger star? (Not hard...)

And now, since it's November, cold, and almost winter, a photo of the cats in warmer, sunnier times:

The window is open and everything.

1 comment:

Mom said...

I really like the photo of the cats looking out the open window. Sigh.
I am not sure about the two videos, but the Katie Perry one is really stupid.
Enjoy your leftovers tomorrow!