17 November 2013

Post #200

After yesterday's phone catastrophe, I felt in need of a little cheering up. Sitting around the house being mopey about it wasn't going to be good for anyone, after all. So Andy and I hopped on the train and headed over to the Fulton brewery taproom, one of our favorite local craft breweries. The taproom is not far from Target Field so we often go there before or after Twins games. I got The Ringer and Andy got something called Batch 300:

That's the Ringer

Fulton was also having something of a mini food truck festival, so we decided to have dinner while we were there:

Andy had the Colombian Street Dogs with a side of Carrot Souffle from Cafe Racer. I've had that carrot souffle before - it's to die for.

I had Roasted Butternut Squash tacos with crispy chickpeas from The Moral Omnivore. Also excellent.

After all that excellent food, we contemplated staying for a second beer. However, the arrival of some dude-bros who were celebrating a bachelor party (I think) quite loudly, we opted instead to continue our evening elsewhere. There was a conveniently placed car available right outside, so I used my subscription card and we hopped in:

This car (with an automatic transmission) shifts like someone who is just learning to drive a manual. It's pretty hilarious.

Anyway, we headed on over to the newly opened Whole Foods in downtown Minneapolis and got some beer to take home with us instead. We each enjoyed one more at home and got to hang out with the cats as an added bonus. Way better than dude-bros. And I am sure the cats appreciated it fully:


P.S. - Tousan, do you want to add a photo of our decrepit pumpkin to your collection? We never even carved it and the squirrels are still attacking it with gusto:



Santini said...

The carrot souffle sounds good, as do your tacos. I hope they cheered you up!

Mom said...

I tried to call you about the end of the Gopher hockey women's winning streak (:( but your phone announced it was unable to take calls. What's up with that?

I agree with Santini (yum)and the conveniently placed car that you could drive home is so wonderfully YOUNG MODERN!

Jimi said...

That is one sorry looking pumpkin. Without a carved face and in such a state of disintegration, it probably wouldn't make the Jack O'Lantern Top-10 cut.

Squirrels are vermin.