16 November 2013

Rainy Saturday

Today started off on a positive note. I went to the jewelery store where Andy bought my engagement ring for the 6 month inspection/cleaning. They were very helpful and speedy. And I checked with them on timing on buying our wedding bands. Turns out we should get on that pretty soon.

After that, I headed across the street to get my hair cut and colored by Terri. We also did a little practice for possible wedding related hair dos. Here's my hair just now, after a bit of running around town in the rain:

Please ignore the mess behind me.

After grabbing a quick lunch, I headed on over to Chez Gzmoohoo to meet EMSA. We're borrowing their lawn mower to take care of our small amount of remaining leaves. Our reel mower just isn't going to be up to it. As I walked in the door at the house, I was checking my phone for a text message. It slipped out of my hands and fell onto the tile below, making a most unfortunate sounding noise. And, sure enough...

*sigh* And I am not yet eligible for an upgrade.

It does still work, it just makes it pretty impossible to read the screen and/or send text messages. Fortunately (I guess?), I signed up for insurance when I bought this most recent phone. So instead of full price of $600, I only have to pay a deductible and they will send me a brand new phone. Whew, I was panicked there for a minute. Still... I'll be using one of those cases from now on. Don't drop your phone on tile, friends. It does not end well.

We are now home, hiding from the rain and enjoying the cats. They are SO STRANGE sometimes.

He sat there, just like that, for a good ten minutes. How is that comfortable?!?


Santini said...

Sad, sad story about the phone. I showed the Grands the photo and they both send you their sympathies.

I think curly hair has made a comeback. And that do seems to have stood up well to a wet and active day. And it's cute.

Your cat is strange.

Mom said...

I agree. It is cute and I like the curls and the color (alliteration unintended). It is sweet that Terri wants to practice before the big event.