24 November 2013

Rock Band with the P-Ster

We were fortunate to host my beloved (and much older and wiser) cousin Kelsey last night for dinner. We made this delicious Sausage & Potato roast (red potatoes, mediterranean lamb sausage & chicken/spinach/pine nut sausage) from the family food blog, as well as some sauteed kale with shredded carrots. All highly recommended. After having a really nice chat and catching up on the goings on in each other's lives, we turned to one of our favorite pastimes. It was Rock Band time:

Rock Band 1

Rock Band 2

Andy played too, at which point I was playing the drums. Our band is called "The Crazy Furnace" and we have now achieved Rolling Stones Immortals status. We rock at Rock Band, is I guess what I'm saying. It was a fun night.

And now, a photo of Andy holding Lucy the only way she'll actually tolerate it. 

Goofy Lucy
Cats are strange.


Santini said...

Fun post, thanks for sharing your Rock Band evening.

Andy? You mean his name isn't EMSA?

Daughter of Norway said...

Nice photos, EMSA! I highly enjoyed the evening overall, no surprise there.

"The Crazy Furnace" lives again!

Gino said...

That cat is weird.

Jimi said...

"Nom on"? I needed the urban dictionary for that one.

It sounds like an epic day.

Mom said...

That cat is REALLY weird. Glad the lasagna was delicious. What a great day. Aren't we all lucky?!