27 November 2013

Thanksgiving Eve

I realize that's not a thing we celebrate, but maybe it should be? In any case, I once again found myself Chez Gzmoohoo, this time to participate in the annual baking of the traditional cranberry bread. We are master chefs of this particular item, that's for sure. See? I even have a tag devoted to it on my blog. Today we had to share the kitchen with Mr. Moohoo, who was busy making Spaghetti Squared:









Photos of the cranberry bread as, you know, actual bread will have to wait until tomorrow. I left before it actually came out of the oven. It certainly smelled delicious. :-) Speaking of tomorrow I, for the the first time, will be going to TWO Thanksgiving meals in one day. EMSA's family eats at 1:00 and the Miller family will be eating at 4:00. I will endeavor to practice a bit of moderation at each meal.

Did you guys know that Calvin also has his "own vent," much like Lucy? His is a more recent acquisition:

Calvin Vent


Santini said...

Slightly out of sync, but we just finished up spaghetti squared here, too. JB had the last bit for lunch today. It got us through the recent rounds of snow storms without having to leave the house for food. Handy stuff to have around.

I envy you the cranberry bread, but I expect that most of the rest of the meal will be pretty similar. We'll be eating at OSLO's, but just the one time. OSLO will be eating again at Ted's Mom's in the evening, however.

Emily Miller said...

The photos are in chronological order, by the way. We cooked in shifts. :-)

The spaghetti squared was quite yummy, I am definitely a fan.