10 November 2013

Three Generations of Elvecrogs

My mom (wife of GZMoohoo, for those playing along...) goes to visit her parents once every weekend. They go grocery shopping, have a nice lunch, and usually play some cards or games of some variety. This weekend, today, I decided to tag along. After some ruthlessly efficient grocery shopping involving a 3-pronged attack (me, Mom, Grandpa), we returned to their senior-living apartment. Grandma has begun work on a new puzzle:


 I immediately sat down and got to work on the all-important edge pieces. My mom and grandma were heading out for a brief jaunt around the building and my mom bet me $2.00 that I couldn't finish the edge before they got back. Has she been paying attention to my puzzle skills all these years or not?

I won. :-)

We also had a chance to play some Banana-grams, a game that has taken our family by storm the last few years. For anyone that is not aware, it is sort of a free form Scrabble, where the players compete to use up all of their tiles first. I was victorious!

That's my board on the bottom. I am particularly proud of my use of both "Q's.

Our visit was somewhat shortened because my grandpa had a Veteran's Day event in their building to attend. He is one of a quickly dwindling number of World War II veterans - he was stationed in the Aleutian Islands, working as an airplane mechanic. So he left to attend the event and my mom and I headed for home. Since it was on our way, and mom expressed some interest in seeing it, we stopped by my office briefly. See what I mean about the finely manicured lawns:


They are building a new fire access road between the building and the bull sculpture, hence the construction fence.

I returned home to a yard full of leaves to be raked. Again. For the 3rd time. Only 8 or so bags today, and I think we may finally be done. After a dinner of stuffed acorn squash, it is now time for some well-earned relaxation:


Santini said...

Mrs. Smith is an excellent daughter. And you're a pretty fine granddaughter. I liked your line about "ruthlessly efficient grocery shopping."

That's a big bull.

Mom said...

I cannot believe I did not comment on this last November! I love this post.