04 November 2013

Tour of the Pacific Northwest: Vancouver

The advantage to having not blogged since last Christmas is that I have all these stories built up that have not yet made appearances on the blog. For example, Andy and I took a 10 day vacation this summer, over the 4th of July, doing our very own train tour of the Pacific Northwest. We started by flying (1st class! Yay for Skymiles!) from Minneapolis to Vancouver...

Pacific Northwest, Part 1: Vancouver, BC

After checking into our pretty sweet Marriott Residence Inn (Thanks, Keith!), our first stop was at the local grocery store to acquire some provisions, since our lovely hotel room had a kitchen. I was immediately confronted with a clear sign that we were definitely in Canada:


Your eyes do not deceive you. That is indeed Dill Pickle flavored popcorn AND it's labeled in both English and French. I bet you really wanted to know that the French word for pickle is "cornichon," right? Oh, Canada.

After much amusement at the grocery store (ok, maybe just I was amused), we proceeded to wander over to Chinatown and stumbled upon a place called the New Town Bakery. On a whim, we paid something like $2.00 (canadian!) for a delicious steamed bun with a pork filling. Holy cow, I could eat a dozen of those. Make sure to follow that link and check out the pictures. We went back at least twice more during our stay just for the buns. DELICIOUS.

We spent a wonderful 3.5 days in Vancouver and it's too much information to go into a bunch of detail here. So instead, some photo highlights:

The Vancouver Museum of Anthropology, dedicated to the art/traditions of the First Nations people of Canada:



Stanley Park (yes, that Stanley), a marvelous forest on the waterfront in the middle of a bustling city:



And of course, the waterfront featuring some very cool public art and the Olympic Cauldron. I do love the Olympics.




Stay tuned later this month for parts two and three of our Pacific Northwest Tour... Next stop, an Amtrak train to Seattle!

And now, the gratuitous cat photo of the day:

Cats do love their boxes.


Mom said...

Those Vancouver pictures bring back memories of when your dad and I were there. A very cool, beautiful city.
Dill pickled flavored popcorn sounds TERRIBLE to me!

Santini said...

Gotta go with your Mom on this one -- sea salt and vinegar is okay, though. And dill pickled flavor might not be all that different.

Lovely photos, lovely spot. I think we saw you just before you left, so it is nice to see the photos from that trip.

Is it the box they like, or the beer that came in it?