25 November 2013

We Will Rock You

For those of you following along at home (so, all of you, I guess...), you may have picked up on the fact that for the past few entries, I have been blogging about events that happened the previous day. It is all part of my end-of-NaBloPoMo strategy, you see. Mondays are hard, particularly the last Monday of NaBloPoMo, but I had all sorts of fun yesterday and I knew it would be an extremely bloggable day.

It all started last year - the musical Book of Mormon was coming to town and I was pretty sure the only way to guarantee I'd get to see it was if I became a season ticket holder for the Broadway series at the Orpheum. So EMSA and I started to look into ticket prices, which turned out to be slightly insane. Cue a lightbulb over my head - maybe my mom would like to go in on the tickets with us! Two tickets split three ways and she'd get to go to almost all the shows. And I am happy to say it worked and Andy and I got to see possibly the most vulgar and uproariously hilarious theater production I've ever seen. The Mormons sitting next to me were even amused.

Initially, this was going to be a one-season only kind of deal. My mom already has season tickets to another theater in town, so it seems silly to have two... But then, we got the flyer in the mail announcing this years' season. Wicked, a musical I have ALWAYS wanted to see, was coming to town. Also? We Will Rock You, the 2nd best theater experience I've ever had. I saw it in London about 8 years ago and haven't been able to shut up about it since. We re-upped and improved our seats! Wicked was last month, so sadly I will not be blogging about it in detail. Here's a photo for you, though.


And yesterday... yesterday we got to see We Will Rock You, live and in person. While the man playing the lead was definitely no Freddie Mercury, he and the show lived up to my very loft expectation. The story doesn't matter here, but you should know that the main character is named Galileo Figaro. And the chick by his side is named Scaramouche. I think many of our fellow theater goers also bought season tickets because of Wicked - this show was perhaps not entirely up their alley. But I LOVED it. Again. Always.

At the very end of the show, after the cast has taken their curtain call, a black screen comes down and it flashes:


*massive cheers, as the song does not appear in the show*


And the whole cast comes back out for a final encore. It's amazing, although not quite as good as this:

Mom and I went out for our usual cocktail and snack after the show, to our now-usual restaurant, Crave.

Crave Cocktails

A good time was had by all.

Then, when I got home, EMSA had made a delicious lasagna dinner, courtesy of Joy of Cooking. He even made the tomato sauce from scratch! It was awesome.

The cats were sadly not allowed to share. They had their own foods to nom on anyway:



Gino said...

I often wonder if all of those who join in the joyous shout out of "We Are the Champions" when their team wins a game even know the slightest bit about Freddy and if they have even the slightest clue about what the song is about.


Mom said...

I left my comment on the wrong post, I fear. But, I am sure you know that.
Let's just say that Sat and Sunday were great days and yay for good music, good food, and family!