06 November 2013

Winter is Coming

Or at least, that's what they were saying a few days ago. Weather people are naturally prone to over-exaggeration, I think, but as recently as Monday they were saying it was possible we'd get 7 inches of snow last night into this morning. Instead, here is the view out the windows near my desk when I got to work this morning:


That's maybe an inch. Official totals at the airport (not far from my office) were around 1.2", I believe. Also, that bull is the "Toro" mascot bull and is made entirely out of repurposed lawn mower blades of some kind. It was sculpted by a Minnesota man from Otter Tail County. Also, also - the R&D/testing department is located at my office and they use that grassy hill there to test the lawn mowers. I am looking forward to seeing that come spring. Off to the left is a picnic shelter, so I'll be able to eat my lunch outside when all this white stuff is done for. That's going to be nice. :-)

Anyway, after all that build up, it ended up being not that big of a deal at all. Really, we're Minnesotans - is anyone surprised? Even if it does snow like crazy this winter, the new job is only 9 miles from my house. And, given that my company manufactures a fleet of snowblowers, I don't think parking and walking into the building is going to pose any kind of problem.

The other excitement from yesterday, the Minneapolis mayoral race, remains as-yet unofficial as I write this. Apparently the counting of all those 2nd and 3rd place votes is more complicated and time consuming than anticipated. I am sure the fact that 35 people ran has something to do with that. Calvin is unimpressed:



Santini said...

I'll bet those trees are pretty when they're leafed out.

I imagine your company has the cleanest parking lots in the state, all winter long.

Emily Miller said...

Santini - Not to mention the lushest, most finely manicured grass at all other times of year.

Gino said...

No cats on the table.