11 November 2013

Winter is Here

Temporarily, at least. It was below freezing when I woke up this morning and it stayed there pretty much all day. This is the weather report that I checked just before I started composing today's blog:

You'll note: "Feels Like 6F." SIX! I am not ready for this. Not even a little bit. We're not even at the half way point of November yet. Boo. However, on one of the only possible plus sides, it has made the cats extra cuddly.

Exhibit A: Calvin cuddled under the covers after I woke up and made the bed this morning.

Exhibit B: Lucy sitting on Andy's lap/on the heated blanket. B2: Yes, we keep heated blankets in our TV room. It's cold in our basement.


So yeah, winter is officially here. Dark, check. Cold, check, First snowstorm out of the way, check. I'll say it again - I am not ready for this. How was everyone else's Monday?


Jimi said...

It was a cold Monday, but the weekend may climb back to 50ยบ. It's too soon to despair.

Santini said...

The photo of Calvin under the covers is cute. November is a tough month.

Mom said...

Are cats allowed under the covers?! I think it's kind of like no cats on the table.

Cute pictures and I agree about not being ready. I an encouraged by the forecast, however, and plan to mulch the remaining leaves on our lawn later in the week when the temperatures rise.