01 January 2014

Bonne annee!

Meilleurs vœux pour le Nouvel An!

EMSA and I have had a lovely holiday season here in the frigid north (yes, really - the highs the last two days have not gotten above ZERO). We spent Christmas Eve with his family, enjoying a lovely meal, traditional gift opening and viewing of two Christmas movie classics in the background - National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation and my new favorite, Elf. Even if you don't like Will Ferrell, I can almost guarantee that you'll like this movie:

My mom can attest to the greatest of this movie. Hilarious and so darn full of holiday cheer!

On Christmas Day, my mom's side of the family once more gathered at the party room at my grandparents' apartment building. The puzzle occupied most of my time. It's a traditional part of our family Christmas experience!

Searching for edge pieces.

Starting to come together...

The finished product. We finished well before 8pm this year!

It was nice to see that side of the family as always, and some of them had already received the wedding invites that I mailed the day before Christmas Eve. Who know the US Post Office was capable of such efficiency? (Side note to the Florida contingent - I mailed yours to Michigan as I didn't have the Florida address). There was lots of discussion about the wedding, which is less than 12 weeks away!

Yesterday, I carried on my mom's NYE tradition and had a small get together at our house. As always, we may have overdone on the food:

Mom got me some excellent hats and noisemakers for Christmas, deployed to excellent use:


I also took her recommendation on the "champagne" aka Spanish sparkling white wine:

We need more champagne flutes. I didn't think it was possible that we needed any more glassware, but there you have it. Good thing we have wedding registries to add to. It was an excellent party and I think a good time was had by all - good food, Rock Band, and watching the ball drop with friends. Who can ask for more? There were even Cheetos, my ultimate guilty pleasure snack food. YUM!

Today I spent doing very traditional things with mom - brunch and a movie. I highly recommend American Hustle, in case you are wondering. I don't do resolutions because they are ultimately doomed to fail, but I can say that I am very excited for everything that 2014 is going to bring.Wedding! Reception(s)! Honeymoon! All very good things.

Ok, I take it back - I resolve only to spend a bunch more time with cats on my lap, if that's even possible.

Day 1: Mission Accomplished


Santini said...

Your holidays sound terrific, in spite of dealing with the frigid weather. Lots of family time and traditions continued.

The Michigan contingent get their mail from the frozen north in a weekly packet (thank you, USPS), and have received the wedding invitation, so no worries. They're very classy, by the way. Love them.

Mom said...

I attest to the humor found in Elf and to the quality of American Hustle and the Spanish "champagne.

You made the holidays VERY special, Wireless!