01 June 2014

Extremely High Water at Minnehaha

I believe in my last post, I may have said something like "the water is positively gushing over the falls" in reference to Minnehaha. Well, since that time, we've gotten a lot more rain, including 2+ inches in the last 48 hours. Andy and I were curious to see what that meant for the creek and falls so we wandered over there this morning during a break in the storms:

Looking upstream from the falls, towards Hiawatha Ave.
Hiawatha and his Minnehaha
For reference, I'd urge you to check out Jimi's post here to see what the area around that statue usually looks like.

The falls from below.

We walked downstream a bit and came to this:

The water just past the deer-pen area bridge (Bridge #2)
Bridge #3, just downstream a bit towards the Mississippi
So needless to say, last week's adjective of "gushing" doesn't do today's observations justice. The water is extremely high and moving extremely fast. Beware of falling in. But it sure looks really cool. Stay dry, everyone.


Santini said...

Very dramatic photos! Hopefully the run-off will subside before damage is done to the park structures.

mom said...

Wow. Wonderful pictures and video. I must get over there this week to see it for myself.

Emily Miller said...

More rain in the forecast tomorrow... I too hope damage is avoided!

Natalea Elvecrog said...

Thanks for sharing! I love that place!