20 November 2014

A Little Summer in November

Some of my colleagues decided it would be fun to go out to lunch today, so we headed over the corporate HQ of the local florist conglomerate. By which of course I mean Bachman's. No relation to the soon-to-be former congresswoman of the same name, by the way. Anyway, the corporate HQ is also a nursery/garden center that happens to have within it a place called Patrick's Bakery and Cafe. While we enjoy the food at Patrick's it is mostly the cafe seating situation that was most appealing today:

The seating is right there in the greenhouse. It felt like summer.
We got a prime spot next to the fountain. In the summer, there are birds flying around. It's just so lovely, particularly on yet another abnormally cold day like today. I had a mini quiche and some salad and briefly felt like I might be in Paris. Perfect.

The rest of the day was decidedly uneventful, but such is life in winter on the tundra. We shall endeavor to soldier on. The cats are finding some joy in our newly purchased humidifier. Well, the box anyway:

They do love boxes.


Mom said...

I have been to Patrick's many times with your grandma and always enjoy eating in a greenhouse. The mini quiche and salad greens is my usual choice, too.

Lucy looks particularly cute in this latest cats-love-boxes photo.

NCW said...

What a great idea on a cold November day. I'm going to suggest it to TT, it looks like fun.

Santini said...

A couple more weeks and I can do that for real. Getting old has a few side benefits.