05 November 2014

Adventures at Costco

My employer periodically allows representatives from Sam's Club and Costco to set up tables in front of the lunchroom during the noon hour to advertise to the 1,000 or so people in the building. They usually have a lot of delicious snacks and excellent sales people (who of course draw you in with the snacks). The last time they were at HQ, I got sucked in to joining Costco, the clearly superior of the two. See?

Why Costco is Crushing Sam's Club.

My coworkers who are Costco members are inclined to agree, as is my all-knowing (and uber-researcher) Uncle Gene.

Anyway, last night after I blogged, we paid our inaugural visit. They had everything you'd expect from a bulk retailer - GIANT bags of chips, ultra-multi packs of vitamins and razor blade refills and, perhaps of interest to the food bloggers among us, a truly enormous can of tomatoes:

6 pounds, 10 oz. Holy crap.
Yes, we bought the tomatoes. Photo courtesy of EMSA. And those will get used - we enjoy making our own pasta sauce! And homemade pizza requires a lot of sauce.

Also of note is the liquor store section of Costco. They had a $700 bottle of wine (a Chateau Lafite Rothschild, if you must know, and not the most expensive thing there...) but also good deals on bulk purchases of beer and wine. I purchased this for my beloved moother:

A steal at $29.99!
As you can see, a good time was had by all. As I was typing this post, EMSA says in the background... "Man, Costco SHREDS! It does!" We're fans. The cats were just happy we'd be around for lap-sitting once we got home:


Santini said...

Lynne buys lots of stuff at Costco, even though they also belong to Sam's Club. She recently bought some merino wool socks which she loves. Today she commented on how good their crab cakes are. They've also used their membership so we could purchase a storage shelf for our garage. So they sound really diverse to me. Good job being thrifty.

Jimi said...

That big tomato can needs something for scale. Perhaps a cat.

"COSTCO shreds" is alien speech to me. Is this the new vernagular?

Emily M said...

Jimi - The sports radio personality that EMSA enjoys listening to uses shred to mean something that is awesome beyond description. For whatever that's worth.

Perhaps I'll get a photo with a cat for scale tomorrow. :-)

Emily M said...

Santini - I believe I purchased those very same merino socks myself. They are soft and warm so far.

Santini said...

I think that 6 lbs. 10 ounces is all the scale I need. That's a big can.

Mom said...

I cannot imagine ever needing a can of tomatoes that large, but you are right about Costco being better than Sam's Club. In addition to the opinion of Gene E, the highly respected, uber-researcher (!), my friends Bonnie, Jessica and Pat all extol the virtues of Costco.
Funny post and good to learn a new neologism from EMSA.

Mom said...

Oh, and wine for me?! Thanks. You are a most excellent dafter.