21 November 2014

Eight Months Ago Today

So, any thoughts on what the title of today's post may portend? Most of you were here on that day, so I think many of these photos will be familiar:

You wouldn't believe how long it took me to narrow down which photos to use for this post. And there are still way too many! It was a wonderful day. Happy Eight Month anniversary to my wonderful husband, Andy. I am so happy in the life we have created together. Including these two wieners:

This was immediately after we got back from our honeymoon. I think Lucy wanted to make sure we wouldn't leave again soon.


NCW said...

Wonderful memories of that very special day. You were a radiant bride and the pictures tell a beautiful story. Happy anniversary!

Mom said...

I just can't see these pictures often enough. It was such a wonderful day and a perfect way to start your married life together. You both seem pretty darn happy these last eight months!

Funny cat picture. Lucy will be ok if you ever decide to take another trip. I will stop by and play with her for sure.

Santini said...

Sweet post. I'm glad you two are happy together -- it's obvious in your faces that day.