04 November 2014

Election Day

Today is of course election day, an always reliable source of a blog post during NaBloPoMo. In an exciting twist, I have a new polling place since the last time I voted:

I think I've been to a Miller family function in the basement of this church - Trinity Lutheran of Minnehaha Falls.
I was voter number 23 when I picked up my sticker slightly after 7:00 this morning.

EMSA has gone to vote now, braving the after work crowd, and it'll be interesting to see how many people have voted in the interim. The new polling place was created for a new precinct, which seems to me like a good sign. (Side note to Gz: Yes, I think we all used the same photo today.)

Today's photo of the cats shows their usual positioning as I get ready for work in the morning, at least until I turn on the hair dryer:

Lucy is not a big fan of the hair dryer, so she'll usually make a break for it at that point.


Santini said...

I think it's funny that my sticker is blue and yours is red. Who decides that?

Cute cat photo.

We have several church polling places here, too. I've always thought that was a little odd, but apparently its pretty common.

Gino said...

It is always good to know the things that work as effective cat repellants.

Jimi said...

I don't think the color of the sticker is significant. Mine has always been red.

Mom said...

I voted, too, of course, but this time during the just-before-dinner hour (I had a very busy day or else I forgot until I checked my email). No line, no wait but lots of positive comments from the election workers: Steady voting all day. Yay.