02 November 2014

Happy Birthday, Brad!

Today my brother-in-law Brad is having a bit of a birthday milestone - it's the big 3-0. Last night, his fiancee Lily organized a dinner for him with us and probably 20 of his friends. We went to Red Stag Supperclub, a place that has been on my list to try for quite some time. I had the cioppino - it was divine. I tried to take a bunch of pictures for blogging purposes but the lighting was less than ideal. Here's a photo of Lily and the birthday boy, one of the only photos that turned out:

And it only sort of turned out - Lily looks like a little bit like a zombie or something since the flash washed her out. Oh well. Happy Birthday, Brad! I'm so glad you're my brother, and I can't wait to celebrate your and Lily's wedding in May. 

We recently took advantage of my Toro employee discount program and bought a brand new leaf blower/vac for Brad - Lucy was really excited about it:

Or maybe she was just really excited about the box. :-)


Santini said...

Nancy's Brad had a birthday this week, too -- so I was a little startled to see the title of your post. I had forgotten that EMSA's brother is also Brad.

You're right about the photo being unflattering to Lily -- I remember her from your wedding reception, and she's quite lovely.

Mom said...

I really like the Red Stag. I want to hear all about the party! I hope Brad enjoyed it.