01 November 2014

NaPloBoMo 2014

Did you guys know that our annual blogging tradition has an unofficial guide/website? How is it possible that we've been doing this for so long and I didn't know that?


I have been slightly better about blogging between Novembers than I was last year at this time, so I don't have any big summary of the summer's events to post. Most of you were there for the biggest events anyway. :-)

I think I am going to work my way back into longer posts. For now, I offer simply a photo, discovered when I was at my parents' house last weekend cleaning out some stuff left in my childhood bedroom:

It came inside a card I received from Sylvia while I was living/studying in France. Apparently they thought this sign would be more meaningful than a written message in a card. I think they were right. Thanks, Nikki & TJ! I can't believe you're no longer even close to this little. While I threw away quite a lot of stuff last weekend, I saved both the card and this photo. Way too precious to throw away.

And because a NaBloPoMo post would not be complete with a picture of cats, here is one that shows that inter-cat relations are somewhat improved since last year:


Retired Professor said...

Indeed we were there for the biggest events -- wouldn't have missed it for the world.

Nikki and TJ are here now, and loved your story about the photo. Very cool.

OSLO said...

I enjoyed both photos of my not so little children any more and the cats. Glad to see things are better between the cats. I am touched that you saved the card and picture of my kids. It is nice to remember them being little once. Good memories! The then little boy in that picture will actually be 16 on the 18th of this month, than Nikki 20 in April. Wow!!!!


Jimi said...

Good start. I was aware of the November ordeal and I'm up for it, too.

Mom said...

I LOVE that picture of Nicole and TJ and fondly remember when you came across it. Nice start to the month of blogging. (I apologize that I missed the beginning of the posts. I am so busy, you know.)