14 November 2014


I may have mentioned in a previous post that EMSA and I recently got a shiny new car (the car is now named Felix, for those who are curious). The new car has all sorts of features that I have never had before - satellite radio, electronic seat adjustments, rear view back-up camera, etc. I was surprised to learn of yet another new feature as soon as it started to get cold out:

I think my car may be a little bit too smart.
This happens immediately upon starting the car, then the display returns to it's usual MPH/fuel economy mode. Good, I guess? Although as a lifelong MN resident, and a driver in MN for more than half that time, I think I've got this down by now. However, a little safety reminder never hurt anybody.

We spent the evening with our good friends Maren & Doug, who are about to move out of here:

Long-time readers should recognize this apartment building.
It's the end of an era. I moved into that apartment 6 years ago and next month, for the first time since then, someone not somehow related to me will be moving in. First it was Kelsey & I, then Kelsey moved out and Maren moved in. Then I moved out and Maren got a new roommate. Finally, Maren's roommate went back to Japan and Doug, her now husband, moved in. So we spent the evening reminiscing and I got to say good bye to probably my favorite apartment of all the one's I've ever lived in. I mean, come on, who doesn't love this view:

Lake Harriet at sunrise, taken as I walked to the bus one morning before work.
The only downside to that apartment? It didn't allow me to get a cat. That was swiftly remedied as soon as Andy and I moved to St. Paul and got this little guy:

Look at how little he used to be!
I mean, just look!


Mom said...

Ahh, I can hardly stand it. That was such a great apartment (because of the view and the accessibility to the lake) and Calvin was SO cute!

Santini said...

Felix has some nice bells and whistles.

I don't miss my old house (much), but I miss the morning view over the lake on occasion. This house has its compensating views, though.

Nice job.

Santini said...

I like to keep my tank fuller than that in winter. Less condensation, I'm told. I'm likely wrong, of course.

Emily M said...

It is fuller than that, the car just hadn't finished starting yet so the gauge wasn't back where it's supposed to be.