07 November 2014

Pizza Time

I have very fond memories of pizza night growing up - every Friday, almost without fail, we'd order in from Davanni's. I always got whatever other toppings (pepperoni or sausage?) we wanted plus extra cheese. We were such regulars that the delivery man greeted my mother at the door - "Hi, Barb!" She is incorrigibly gregarious. We had our very own Pizza Friday at home tonight, no delivery man required.

First, start with some made-from-scratch dough:

Chop up the toppings of your choice, prep as needed:

Italian sausage (a bit blurry, sorry)

Fresh mozzarella cheese.

Thinly sliced onions.

Pepperoni and mushrooms
Then, put it all together and preheat your oven to something around 485:

Into the oven it goes!
About 12-15 minutes later, you'll have this:

This was most definitely our best effort to date. Nice, crispy crust with a perfect balance of toppings. Yum!

And now, to keep warm, we're going to go sit downstairs with some cats on our laps:

It's almost like they tolerate each other.


Your gregarious mother said...

Wow, that pizza looks delicious (MUCH better than Davanni's, altho I did enjoy our Friday night pizzas). PLEASE invite us over for home made pizza sometime during the next few years. I am on a quest, you know . . .

Santini said...

Mmmmm. Excellent looking pizza!