13 November 2014

Stealing an Idea from my uncle and dad

Yesterday's France related posts got me thinking - I must have a ridiculous number of photos of my various travels there over the years. Mostly they aren't on this computer, but the highlights are certainly on my Flickr page. I scrolled through and picked a few favorites - they were the ones that jumped out at me, for no particular reason:

The Adventures of Domo-Kun!

My favorite sculpture at the Musee d'Orsay, possibly of all time. He's just so friendly!

Rodin's Le Penseur in his natural habitat. That's the dome of Les Invalides to the left. 

I know everyone loves bridges. This is the bridge into the ancient dungeon at the Chateau de Vincennes, Paris.

No caption required. Just funny.
That little walk down memory lane was fun! And it made up for the fact that today was another work day in which not much of interest happened. Just me and the cats and another uneventful day.

Taken a while ago, obviously. That bike in the background is most definitely in winter storage in the basement.


Santini said...

On a blustery winter evening, a travelogue to Paris is a welcome diversion. Excellent bridge photo.

I'd like to see that Thinker guy in his own element some day. Lovely roses.

NCW said...

Very nice pictures of a beautiful city. It makes me want to go back. Don't you just love going through old photos on a dreary day?

Mom said...

Fun!! Cute picture of Brad in the Braderie photo and I always enjoy pictures of Paris (and the cats).