26 November 2014

Thanksgiving Baking

Gzmoohoo stole my thunder a bit with his post, but then again I WAS at his house, so it only seems fair. Mom and I joined forces to prepare our usual Thanksgiving cranberry bread this evening.

Raw ingredients.

Giving the batter a final stir.
 There was also some pie-baking going on when I first arrived Chez Gzmoohoo:

Yum, pumpkin. Although it doesn't win any beauty contests, I don't think.
By the time we were all done, the house smelled like heaven and it was fair to say we had gotten a good start on tomorrow's festivities. I'll be back at Gz's tomorrow around 11 so that EMSA can watch some very important football while I help with additional prep. Seems fair. Too bad the cats can't come with us. They'll be very lonely tomorrow as we have two Thanksgiving celebrations to go to tomorrow.

Calvin front of "his" vent right after the heat turned on.
Meh, I think they'll survive.


Santini said...

That's a nice tradition you and your Mom have. Enjoy tomorrow!

Mom said...

That is a beautiful photo of you! The bread is delicious and it was very fun, as usual. You are a swell dafter and I look forward to having you and your also swell husband here tomorrow for the festivities.

Jimi said...

Cranberry bread and pumpkin pie. It must be Thanksgiving. Have a happy day.