27 November 2014

Thanksgiving x 2

Andy and I once again made the (perhaps insane) decision to participate in two Thanksgiving celebrations this year. Apparently we didn't learn anything from our experience doing this last year... First up were the festivities at Gzmoohoo's. As one of the designated helpers, I had a few tasks to fulfill:

Assistant Table Setter.

Preparer of the Old Family Recipe.

Master Relish Tray Arranger

Bird Photographer
After an excellent meal and conversation with my side of the family (including some very good pie prepared by the P-Ster), we headed over to Brad and Lily's house for the celebration with Andy's family.

Plate #2. All excellent as well.

We also played some games after dinner.

And enjoyed a non-traditional Thanksgiving cake (there was also pie).
I think all-in-all I ate less than last year, so perhaps I did learn something that first time around. Moderation is the name of the game when dealing with two Thanksgiving meals in one day. Even the cats got into the Thanksgiving spirit:

Clearly enjoying his turkey.


Santini said...

Apparently Michigan's traditional side is a baked German potato salad. I've never had it, but there's something that looks a little bit like it on your second plate.

John asked for, and received, chocolate cake. So this must be the year of the cake.

Kudos for persevering.

Mom said...

Fabulous post (or should I say rumination on the decision to have 2 Thanksgiving meals?). Sounds like lots of fun at Lily and Brad's. Life is good.
(Plus funny, but I guess not surprising, to include the cats' turkey feast).

Jimi said...

And the cranberry bread was very tasty.

Mom said...

Oh, I really like the captions under the pictures of all your assigned tasks! Thanks for all the help.

PS So far, I have tried 4 times to prove I am not a robot. I am getting a little worried that I am.