23 November 2014

Warmer than Average

First, let's just start out with something awesome:

That's right, TWO days above average.
So even though it was gloomy/foggy pretty much all day, I couldn't argue with the state of our front lawn at 8:30 this morning:

By the end of the day, pretty much all of that white stuff was gone. It's good to see some green.
It seems weird to have a break from winter before winter has even truly started. But I will not be a Debbie Downer - I will absolutely take a day in the upper 40s in late November. I believe it may even have gotten close to 50 in parts of the Twin Cities yesterday afternoon. Woohoo!

We had a lovely Sunday - a lazy morning, followed by lunch/brunch with my in-laws. They are great people, and we thoroughly enjoyed our meal at Smack Shack. It sounds like a supremely silly name for a restaurant, and it is, but they have some of the absolute best seafood in town. Both of my in-laws had a Connecticut style lobster roll that looked divine (it is, I've had it before) and I enjoyed a savory bread pudding with a crab hollandaise sauce and a side salad. Just... yum! They also have a Lobster Boil for Two that Andy and I have promised ourselves we'll get some time.

While downtown, we also stopped at a new store near Smack Shack called Shinola. Shinola is based out of Detroit where they manufacture pretty much everything they sell - watches, bicycles, leather goods, etc. I believe the Minneapolis store is their only other location (EDIT: I stand corrected. They also have stores in New York, Los Angeles, Washington DC, and London). It's a bit out of my price range but it was fun to explore. I mean, this watch is ridiculously too expensive, but it's also just cool: The Runwell.

We are now enjoying a quiet Sunday evening at home, as one should. Lucy definitely has the right attitude:

Taken yesterday, but you get the idea.

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Santini said...

An average high of 37 isn't all that encouraging though, is it?

A brief respite only, but carpe diem.