24 November 2014

West Wing Nostalgia

As you may have inferred from previous NaBloPoMo blog posts, the weather here has been less than ideal (wait, really?). I have therefore been spending a lot of quality time with Netflix, most notably re-watching a bunch of old West Wing episodes. Yesterday, I got to one of my favorite moments in the entire run of the show, a very minor plot in the Thanksgiving episode from Season 3, "The Indians in the Lobby." Since we are coming up on Turkey Day, I thought sharing a clip of it would be particularly apt:

I love Toby - "Zip code, Fargo, ND, right now!" said with such urgency. And the completely made up names! And his voice is familiar because he does radio commercials. Hee! It's been very nostalgic. I miss watching it with my mom every Wednesday night. We had so much fun!

Another excellent Thanksgiving moment comes from Season 2:

I do miss this show.

Now, cats!

Well, cat. Sitting on a shelf installed expressly for his use.


Santini said...

I remember that episode, it was a good one.

Several of those actors have gone on to do other things, and I think that show might have been their best work. Case in point is the snow "Mom". That Mark Harmon guy did okay later, but he wasn't a major character for long.

Ah, Calvin. You are sooo spoiled.

Mom said...

Oh, don't even mention Mark Harmon. That was such an extremely sad episode.

Wireless, watching West Wing with you will always be one of the many highlights of my life! A great show and a fabulous daughter to watch it with. How lucky am I?

Here is one of my favorite episodes, maybe because Dire Straits is probably my all time favorite band.