11 November 2014

Winter Biking

Today is of course Veterans Day, so I feel I must start by saying thank you to all veterans for their service. In particular, thanks to all of my family members who once served.

Toro unfortunately does not observe Veterans Day as a holiday. However, Andy, as a government employee, got the day off work today. He spent the first part of the day clearing off the additional snow we got overnight (not too much, certainly not worth a photo). Then this afternoon, he put his bike shop purchase from Saturday to good use and did some winter biking:

Those are brand new studded tires, now with extra studs!
As you can see, they also have built in reflective capabilities.
On a November day not too terribly long ago, Andy was able to bike on his Cervelo and ran into the not-yet-retired GZMoohoo during his ride. They both had the day off then, too. I am and was a little jealous, although it is not as if I would have joined him today. Back then, maybe - there was no snow on the ground on November 11, 2009. My day was somewhat uneventful, but I am glad I could count on EMSA for some blog content.

And now, today's obligatory NaBloPoMo cat photo:

Calvin sleeps in strange positions sometimes.


Santini said...

Winter biking? Tell him to be careful out there.

Mom said...

Cool picture of the reflective tires and I liked the link to November 09.